Design Build


Design Build Services

The design build process is a collaborative process in which there is a single point of contact on the project team. This is oftentimes the general contractor. The design build team collaborates on all aspects of the project to minimize delays caused by miscommunication. With fewer channels of information to flow from one party to the next, the project is able to move more efficiently from one stage to the next.

The benefits of the design build process include:

  • Higher quality results
  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Open Communication
  • Increased Collaboration
  • Competitive bidding process

Design Build – Selecting a Design-Build Contract Team

The design build team consists of the builder (general contractor) and the design team (architects and engineers) that work together as a single entity. The collaboration of the design-build team will allow for more efficient and effective communication throughout the construction process from groundbreaking to building occupancy.

Design Build – Pre-Construction Assessments

Not only are the client’s needs assessed, but several assessments take place prior to the construction phase of the project. The building site must be assessed before the beginning of construction. This will include an environmental and legal assessment to verify property lines.

Design Build – Architectural Design

Preliminary computer generated renderings are provided for the clients review. At this time, modifications are discussed and material options reviewed. Multiple design options may be provided.

Design Build – Construction

Having an experienced team will ensure that the construction phase of your project will meet all quality, cost and schedule demands from implementation to completion. Communication is important during every phase of a project, but most notably during the construction phase. Your design-build team will work as the point of contact between the subcontractors and owner to facilitate all requests and provide up-to-the-minute progress reports and schedule monitoring.