Ensure you have a Self-Performing General Contractor

Self-Performing Contractor Benefits

When completing a construction project ensure that you have a self-performing contractor working for you. There are several benefits to hiring a self-performing general contractor.

Benefit #1: Save Time

Having self-performing contractors complete the work allows greater adherence to the project timeline goals. When the general contractor self-performs the work it greatly reduces delays by eliminating the need to coordinate work with various subcontractors. In addition, time is saved from reviewing several bids and interviewing contractors to help complete the project. It also allows the general contractor to closely monitor labor needs in order to make adjustments if necessary. If work is not self-performed and the company has to work with subcontractors, it can cause delays if the subcontractor gets behind schedule. In some cases a subcontractor is used but if work does get delayed, the general contractor can then step in and complete the work.

Contractor Benefits

Benefit #2: Save Money

Using a self-performing general contractor also helps to save money on the project. The general contractor is ultimately in charge of the project and will monitor costs and work to stay within the project timeline. Avoiding delays and rework throughout construction will not only save time, but money as well. When the general contractor, and/or other skilled foreman and tradesman complete the work themselves, it eliminates the need for a subcontractor. Oftentimes secondary subcontractors charge a markup for completing services. This markup is eliminated with self-perform services.

Benefit #3: Control Quality

As stated, the general contractor is in charge of guaranteeing a high quality finished project. And since the work is completed by experienced, self-performing contractors, as well as a team of highly skills foreman and tradesmen, the client will benefit by receiving a superior product and excellent service. Experienced tradesman that work with a collaborative team produce quality work and have extensive knowledge due to working on similar projects. Without relying on sub-contractors, the superior quality can be guaranteed.

Benefit #4: Enhance Communication

Because the self-performing contractors work as part of the overall design team, there is more effective communication throughout the construction project. The enhanced communication eliminates the need for one person to relay information to another, which oftentimes leads to communication issues, such as the likelihood of leaving out critical information or relaying the incorrect information. This can produce longer lead times and ultimately extend the project completion date due to errors. The project team must efficiently and effectively communicate on a regular basis regarding budgets, timelines, and/or other critical information to ensure everyone is on the same page. In addition, to provide superior service to a client, all members of the team should be able to answer any questions that the client may have at any time during the project. All members should be privy to the same information and be able to provide the same answers to the client at any given time.