Hybrid Operating Rooms: Cutting-Edge Diagnosis and Care in One Space

Hybrid Operating Rooms-What are they?

A new trend in operating room construction is gaining popularity across the country as increasing numbers of hospitals implement hybrid operating rooms into their existing facilities. These high-tech rooms are valuable to both health care providers and their patients. Hybrid ORs are multifaceted and highly functional. They provide the advanced imaging needed to inform those performing difficult surgical and interventional procedures allowed by today’s technological advancements in medical treatment. Most significantly, hybrid ORs eliminate the need to move a patient in and out of the operating room for imaging that informs surgeons’ actions: a time-efficient and potentially life-saving feature.  These emerging interventional suites present several significant advantages, although issues could arise if the implementation is not meticulously planned and carried out by all involved.

What’s Included?Hybrid OR Contractors

As the complexity of surgical approaches increases, surgeons and surgical staff depend upon imaging systems that can give highly accurate, instant feedback. The combination of surgical equipment and advanced imaging equipment into one space is what makes the hybrid OR so unique and efficient. Many types of surgical and imaging equipment can be integrated into a hybrid OR. Below is an idea of some of the equipment that can be installed in this sterile environment:

  • Surgical equipment and instruments for open procedures
  • Fixed and dedicated imaging system-single or biplane
  • Imaging-compatible surgical table, lights, and surgical booms to accommodate open, minimally invasive, and interventional procedures.
  • CT Scanners
  • MRI Scanners

Configuration of these spaces and selection and placement of equipment depends wholly upon the intended procedural uses of the room.


The potential advantages of a hybrid OR are many. The patient, surgical team, and the health care facility all stand to reap the benefits of this cutting-edge design. Consider the following:

  • Imaging equipment helps surgeons pinpoint the location of incisions
  • Surgical teams receive instantaneous feedback during procedures
  • Surgeons can perform procedures more safely and efficiently due to diagnostic imaging
  • Neurosurgeons can transition seamlessly from a closed to open procedure without losing critical time to transport a patient to another location for imaging
  • Patient recovery time is shortened due to elimination of  stress caused by multiple procedures with anesthesia
  • Resources needed for patient management are reduced
  • Care delivery is streamlined, with fewer clinical staff involved in patient care
  • Risk for communication-related errors across clinical specialties is minimized
  • Overall cost of care is reduced
  • Potential for revenue growth increases— use of a hybrid OR opens up interventional suites and standard ORs for additional patients and procedures


Issues to ConsiderHybrid OR Builders Pittsburgh

While the end results of adding a hybrid OR are positive and worthwhile, there are many logistical and staffing issues to consider before and during the addition. Here is a summary of some things to do and consider during the process:

Planning and Design

  1. Get input from any surgical team who will use the room.
  2. Consult surgical and perioperative departments, administration, facilities management, and the IT department during design.
  3. Tour existing hybrid ORs for firsthand experience of these spaces.
  4. Select equipment vendors early and encourage them to communicate about design and installation.

Location and Workflow

  1. The best location for a hybrid OR is within the existing interventional suite. If the current ORs are separated from the interventional radiology suite, then the hybrid OR should be located with the traditional ORs in order to eliminate the need to duplicate materials and staff to accommodate two OR locations.
  2. Because many different disciplines and staff members will be using and working within the area of the hybrid OR, workflow must be considered. Patient flow, materials supply, and team proximity are all important topics to visit to ensure the highest efficiency and eliminate communication or space issues.

MBM Contracting-Experts in Healthcare Facilities Construction

As an experienced healthcare facilities contractor, MBM has had the privilege to complete the construction of hybrid ORs in several Pittsburgh area hospitals. MBM’s team of builders understands the critical attention to detail required in the design and construction of this space and in the placement of each piece of equipment and furniture. We have turned existing operating rooms into hybrid ORs and have built brand new hybrid ORs with all the necessary support spaces to facilitate use. We are meticulous about each detail and take extreme care in putting everything perfectly in place. If you are interested in our work on hybrid ORs, please click the “Healthcare” tab under “Our Work” on our website to view pictures. You can schedule a hybrid OR consultation with MBM by calling 412-379-9000. We look forward to making your healthcare facility a state- of- the- art treatment center.