Tech Boom: Construction of Tech Offices in Pittsburgh

General Contractors Needed

Pittsburgh is seeing a rise in its technology sector and some say it is now home of the Silicon Strip, an ode to Silicon Valley in San Francisco, the mecca for high tech companies in the United States. Pittsburgh is proudly listed as one of the top 15 tech hub cities in the U.S. and with a rise in technology-based companies, the need for tech office space has risen too. Office buildings are changing thanks to new innovation and a surge in telecommuting. While companies still need office space to accommodate the majority of their workforce, the type of workspace that they need is developing a new look and feel, especially tech offices.

Tech Office Construction – Functionality

Technology: buildings are now being designed to incorporate new technology, including being Bluetooth enabled, being housed with smartboards, and being built with ports for various devices. Tech office buildings must have flexible work space designs to accommodate the equipment needs of the tenants, as well as have integrated technology.

Tech Office Construction

Tech Office Construction – Flexibility

Flex Tech Buildings: these buildings are set up to house a variety of different businesses under one roof. This has become a growing trend as building owners want to optimize space and diversify tenants. These buildings also provide what can be described as a campus like environment often housing a café, open conference rooms, in addition to walking trails and outdoor seating areas.

Traditional Office Spaces: typically house one company or similar companies under one roof. Each floor is fairly similar to the rest, and each space has an equal amount of square footage in most cases to be leased to a variety of tenants. A communal lobby area is typical in a traditional office building space.

Tech Office Construction – Accommodation

Streamlined Spaces: streamlined office spaces are the wave of the future. There are several benefits to a streamlined office space including:

  • Improved productivity
  • Greater efficiency
  • Better communication and collaboration
  • Enhanced image
  • More flexibility

These spaces often include hotel offices for those that telecommute, as well as shared coworker spaces for impromptu brainstorming sessions.

Tech Office Construction – Security

Security is important for any business. Companies have recognized the need to keep their employees and data safe over the past several years. The advent of keycards has increased security and decreased the number of unwanted visitors from getting access to restricted areas. Fingerprint technology has also been employed, as well as cameras and security personnel. Equipping your office building with the latest technology is important to ensure the security of your data and your people.

MBM Contracting specializes in tech office construction and can help plan, design and build a modern office space with integrated technology.