Pre-Construction Services

MBM’s goal during the pre-construction phase is to create a detailed plan for our clients to outline each phase of the commercial construction project. Budgets are developed, designs are planned as the designers, contractors and engineers work together as a cohesive unit to properly plan and present each phase of the project.

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Pre-Construction – Feasibility Studies and Pro-Forma

Feasibility studies are performed in order to evaluate whether the project can move from the concept stage to the preplanning and construction stage. During this time, the proposed budget is reviewed and possible sites are discussed. This is an important stage in the pre-construction process to ensure that the project is able to move from concept to reality.

Pre-Construction – Needs Assessments

Pre-construction assessments allow the client’s needs to be evaluated as well as outside needs. These may include site surveys, permit requirements, budgetary requirements, and timelines. All areas of the project are assessed in order to create an accurate picture of all requirements prior to construction.

Pre-Construction – Site and Building Analysis

In this stage, a site selection is analyzed based on several factors including: environmental impact, location (surroundings and neighborhood), topography (shapes and features of the land including easements), potential costs of excavation (rock removal and/or tree removal), utilities, access to and from roads, and size. Also analyzed is whether the building works with the natural site characteristics. A thorough evaluation reviews each of these factors and a comparison of sites is done to determine the best site for the specific project. Having an expert building contractor that is familiar with the area and requirements is beneficial when choosing the right site for your project.

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Pre-Construction – Design Concepts

Interviews and initial discussions take place to assess client needs and the feasibility of the project. Information is gathered and documented in order to begin the initial stages of design to visualize the project on paper. This will include renderings, as well of budget projections and scheduling.

Pre-Construction – Value Engineering

Value engineering isn’t just about cost cutting, it is a thorough analysis that works to reduce client risk and improve efficiency throughout the project.

Value engineering will focus on the following:

  • Defining the project
  • Scheduling
  • Modifications (if necessary)
  • Budgets

Improvements can be made in several areas by using resources more effectively, such as labor and material, simplifying procedures, reducing waste, and avoiding unexpected costs.

Pre-Construction – Conceptual Estimates

Conceptual estimates are given to determine the broad scope of the client’s vision and to determine whether the budget and the vision align. Several budget options are reviewed at this time before any final bids are completed.

Pre-Construction – Scheduling & Logistics

Scheduling and logistics are both key components to any construction project. In the pre-construction phase, construction activities and the duration of those activities are defined and outlined.