Client Testimonials

Dollar Bank

“MBM’s team is always ready to help find creative and cost effective solutions for the Bank’s projects. The hands on approach from the field employees, the office staff, and the management team provide peace of mind, especially during renovation projects where the Bank must stay in operation.”
Sandra Wise, Vice President, Construction

The Children’s Institute

“The Children Institute possesses a special culture and a way of doing things. I think MBM possesses the same type of culture and approach. From ownership, to project managers, to construction staff, to all those who provide support behind the scenes, I know that I will encounter people who are committed to delivering on behalf of our organization and ultimately the kids and families we serve. It has been and continues to be one of my favorite partnerships.”
Tim Bittner, Vice President of Operations

Hanna Langholz Wilson Ellis

“MBM is a family built business that personifies the core values of integrity, honesty, and quality. MBM delivers on all accounts and at a value that is competitive and fair. This is why they are at the top of my list when asked by my clients for references of General contractors in Western PA.”
Kevin Langholz, Senior Director, Retail Brokerage

Keystone Mountain Lakes Regional Council of Carpenters

“Partnering with MBM was always part of the apprenticeship program and nurturing young carpenters through their training. MBM has always done an exemplary job helping to produce a trained workforce through great job experiences. Working together with MBM on the ICRA Program has helped to strengthen relationships not only between the carpenters and MBM as a contractor, but also with our end users in the healthcare industry.”
Rick Okraszewski, Marketing Industry Outreach Director

Duquesne University

“I can honestly say that working with the Brown family and their extended MBM family has been a continued wonderful and meaningful career endeavor. It’s been a true partnership.”
Katrina Barnett, AIA Project Manager, Facilities Management, Design & Construction

Asbury Heights

“MBM is a always simple to work with. Thoughts, plans and suggestions are openly communicated to help produce a quality product. The MBM teams are always professional and very detail oriented.”
Roger Davis, Executive Director

Allegheny Health Network

“When we first developed our AHN CM Manual, MBM participated in review of the documents and many working sessions to confirm AHN’s expectations. MBM has been very attentive to our requirements and closely followed our process. The success we’ve seen with pre-construction efforts, has been beneficial to AHN and hopefully MBM as well as the process evolves. MBM has showed exemplary efforts in not only following intended process, but have become an extension of myself and our internal team during preconstruction and construction as a trust partner.”
Ryan Krumenacker, Senior Program Manager, Construction Estimating

Weirton Medical Center

“When it comes to MBM, it wasn’t just a project. WMC and MBM formed a true partnership. MBM was always accessible; they listened to our needs and ran with our hopes to produce an outcome even we couldn’t have imagined.”
Donna Kittridge, Division Director, Support Service