Advantages of the Design-Build Approach

What is Design-Build?

The Design-Build approach to construction is a method that streamlines all building procedures and processes from initial planning to final product. The essence of Design-Build is that the construction and design sides of a project come together in the form of one point of contact, usually the general contractor, who facilitates open, clear communication between the client and a unified team of service providers from designers and architects to engineers and builders. The owner signs one contract and the Design-Builder handles the rest. The project becomes a contained, collaborative effort that keeps everyone informed. The simplicity and peace of mind that this approach brings is unmatched, and the results are equally, if not more, pleasing than construction completed through the traditional approach.

There are 5 main, overlapping steps in Design-Build:

  1. 1. Selecting a Design-Builder
  2. 2. Pre-construction assessments
  3. 3. Architectural design
  4. 4. Construction
  5. 5. Post-construction

Advantages of Design- Build

One Team: In the Design-Build approach, everyone is working together to reach a common goal: to please the client and complete the project efficiently. Each member of the team works in unity, and rather than focusing only on their own responsibilities, they collaborate to ensure that each phase is correctly and completely finished. There is greater accountability in the team approach, and the client knows very early on exactly what to expect in terms of timeline and cost because it is all projected by one entity.

Cost: Though it lacks the bidding phase of traditional construction, Design-Build is a cost-saving approach. Because it’s a package deal, the Design-Build model saves the client around 10% of the typical project cost when compared to the cost of the traditional approach where general contractors and architects each charge their own fees.

Time: Common sense tells us that when everyone is working together and on the same page, the work will be completed more quickly. This idea applies to Design-Build. Timelines are clear, schedules are synched, and even in the event of a road-block, the team can agreeably adjust and reroute with the end result being a project that is completed on time.

Communication: The client deals with one point of communication who becomes the liaison between client and Design-Build team. The client remains in control and informed throughout the project, and client decisions are relayed to everyone involved in the build. Likewise, the client hears a consistent message from the team about timeline, cost, design, and construction. The internal communication of the Design-Build team is frequent, open, and effective as they work together to keep one another abreast and involved in each new phase. This approach eliminates confusion, mixed messages, and incompatible schedules.

MBM’s Design- Build Approach

Going with the Design Build approach is a great choice, and at MBM, our Design-Build team provides the highest quality service and results to owners across the Pittsburgh area. As the general contractor, we act as the liaison between our client and the subcontractors, communicating everything from initial plans, to modifications, to final details. We take the worry and work away from the owner and help all parties work in harmony to create the most ideal results. If you’re looking for Pittsburgh’s Design-Build contractor, look no farther than MBM. Contact us at 412-379-9000 to start your next Design-Build project.