Team Empowerment

MBM Team Empowerment

Empowering your team is important for the success of any project. Empowerment keeps people motivated, engaged, and committed. When those on a team do not feel empowered, then they tend to lack enthusiasm for the work that they do. This lack of enthusiasm can lead to decreased productivity and ultimately to increased turnover. Good leadership is important to foster a culture of empowerment. And while each team member should have equal say, teams still need the guidance of a leader. Leaders can foster an environment of empowerment that motivates their teams to stay focused and productive throughout a project.

Team Empowerment – Communicate the Vision

Good leaders communicate the vision of the project upfront to provide information on the incremental steps along the way. The vision ultimately answers the questions of who, what, why and how. These questions are important to provide direction for each member of the team, while still providing information on what the finished project should look like. In construction projects, the entire project team will meet to discuss the overall vision, as well as each person’s unique role in carrying out the vision. Open discussion takes place to go over site planning, design, and actual construction. And while the steps along the way are important and of course mandatory to complete, the vision provides the big picture view and frameworks the goal of the project.

Team Building

Team Empowerment – Define Goals

Successful leaders define not only big picture goals, but also the smaller, more detailed goals that must be met at various stages of the projects. Having defined goals eliminates the need to second guess and also keeps each member of the team on the same page. The progress of a project is also easier to track with defined goals that include specific budgets, as well as timelines for each steps completion.

Team Empowerment – Foster a Collaborative Environment

Effective leaders foster a collaborative environment within the team. They encourage open communication and feedback from everyone. Leaders understand that each member of a team has a unique set of skills and ideas that are necessarily for the successful completion of a project. Round table discussions are encouraged and regular checks on progress. The benefit of a collaborative environment is that there is less of a likelihood for miscommunication which can slow down a project’s progress.

Team Empowerment – Utilize Technology

Many project management teams utilize technology to track the progress of a project. In the construction environment schedules are tracked as well as budgets. By using technology to track this important information it allows team members to get important updates at their fingertips and it also decreases the error rate. Technology also frees up the project managers valuable time allowing more focus on the project.

MBM believes in an environment that encourages team empowerment. Because an empowered team is more efficient and effective which helps keep projects on schedule and on budget.