Construction Management


Make MBM your Construction Management Team

Construction project management is an important facet in all construction projects. Contractors can provide a projection of what the project will look like from start to finish, including cost and timeline. Project management is key for contractors to keep in line with the expectations of the client, as well as keep jobs running on time and on budget.

Pittsburgh Construction Management

Construction Management- Budget Management

Commercial projects require precise budget management which includes all cost tracking, order changes, and labor (staff) hours. The actual versus budgeted costs are compared accurately and consistently throughout the duration of the project.

Budget management includes:

  • Current projected costs
  • Cost of delays (if any)
  • Estimates

Construction Management- Timeline

The project timeline will not only include start and completion dates, but also dates of material deliveries and tasks to be completed. Large scale projects with multiple phases are outlined to provide an accurate picture to the client of where the project stands on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis, as well as the percentage of completion.

Construction Managment PA

The timeline will include:

  • Contract signature dates
  • Design approval dates
  • Start date and estimated completion date
  • Tasks to be completed and duration to complete
  • Percentage of goals complete


Comprehensive reporting is essential to tracking a large scale construction project. Reporting includes: bids, submittals, and requests for information (RFI), as well as budget reports and timelines for completion.

Construction Management- Ongoing Communication

Ongoing communication is essential in the management of small and large scale projects. Good budget management and reporting will assist with communicating details of the project from start to finish.

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