Major Hospital Ambulance Entrance

Major Healthcare Facility
General Contracting
RM Creative
Completion Date:
October 2023
Shadyside Entrance 2
Shadyside Entrance 1
Shadyside Entrance 3
Shadyside Entrance 4
Shadyside Entrance 5
The hospital provided MBM with an opportunity to service an existing pre-cast façade that overhangs the ambulatory parking bays. The existing structure consisted of a concrete precast that needed to be removed and replaced with a new EIFS façade. MBM provided a pre-survey scope of work that consisted of setting up safety scaffolding and opening pockets of the system so that RM Creative could take measurements for a new EIFS design. Once the design was completed, MBM coordinated with hospital leadership on a plan to minimize the impact to the facility while getting the work done as timely as possible. The project consisted of two phases, approximately two months in duration each from start to finish. New EIFS, Windows, Roof Flashings, and paint were completed on time and on budget. Challenges included a method of keeping two of the four ambulance bays open at all time, while maintaining a safe, multi-elevated working platform.  

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