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Advantages of the Design-Build Approach

April 25, 2017 By MBM Contracting

What is Design-Build? The Design-Build approach to construction is a method that streamlines all building procedures and processes from initial planning to final product. The essence of Design-Build is that the construction and design sides of a project come together in the form of one point of contact, usually the general contractor, who facilitates open, […]

Environmentally Responsible Building: Techniques and Materials Used in Commercial General Contracting

April 14, 2017 By MBM Contracting

What is Green Building? Green building is a concept and practice that has steadily gained popularity since the early 90s. Today, it is a commonplace choice for both new construction and renovations. Green building practices can be implemented in any type of structure, commercial or residential. Leadership in Energy Efficiency and Design (LEED), the primary […]

Commercial Building Trends of 2017

March 8, 2017 By MBM Contracting

Several commercial building trends are on the rise in 2017. Sustainability, health and wellness, and dominating demographic groups are each influencing shifts in what is being built commercially and how that construction is taking place. 1. Reuse of Existing Spaces As malls and large retail stores close in huge number across the country, many of […]

March Messenger

March 2, 2017 By MBM Contracting

MBM Contracting – Project Spotlight Dollar Bank South Fayette Branch Dollar Bank has changed their branch model and the South Fayette location is the perfect example of their new style. The bank has eliminated a physical teller line and has installed in its place a “virtual” teller line which connects customers via video to their […]

February Messenger

February 21, 2017 By MBM Contracting

MBM Contracting – Project Spotlight Duquesne University Rockwell Hall Renovation Duquesne University selected MBM to complete renovations to approximately 5,000 SF of office space on the 9th floor of Rockwell hall. The new office space for the A.J. Palumbo School of Business includes 31 offices for professors, a kitchen lounge area for staff and visitors, […]

Hybrid Operating Rooms: Cutting-Edge Diagnosis and Care in One Space

February 7, 2017 By MBM Contracting

Hybrid Operating Rooms-What are they? A new trend in operating room construction is gaining popularity across the country as increasing numbers of hospitals implement hybrid operating rooms into their existing facilities. These high-tech rooms are valuable to both health care providers and their patients. Hybrid ORs are multifaceted and highly functional. They provide the advanced […]

The Roles of Your Contractor

December 30, 2016 By MBM Contracting

Since the contractor’s role is one of a leader and because they are often present on site throughout the projects duration, they become the go-to for many on the job. Contractor’s must wear many hats and be available to answer questions or deal with problems on a moment’s notice. Because of this, many contractors take […]

December Messenger

December 2, 2016 By MBM Contracting

MBM Contracting – Project Spotlight Fine Wine & Good Spirits MBM worked closely with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board and Bill Green Shopping Center to provide design-build services for the interior renovation to the Fine Wine & Good Spirits store in Pleasant Hills, PA. The project included renovations to 6,600 SF of sales area and […]

Team Empowerment

October 31, 2016 By MBM Contracting

MBM Team Empowerment Empowering your team is important for the success of any project. Empowerment keeps people motivated, engaged, and committed. When those on a team do not feel empowered, then they tend to lack enthusiasm for the work that they do. This lack of enthusiasm can lead to decreased productivity and ultimately to increased […]

October Messenger

October 10, 2016 By MBM Contracting

MBM Contracting – Project Spotlight Children’s Hospital Hematology Oncology MBM worked closely with Children’s Hospital of UPMC of Pittsburgh to complete the upgrades to their existing Hematology Oncology Outpatient Clinic on the 9th floor of the hospital. The project included renovations to 6,500 SF of space including multiple exam rooms, triage rooms, infusion area, staff […]

Strategies for Construction Management

October 6, 2016 By MBM Contracting

Construction Management Strategies – Planning Careful planning is at the forefront of all successful construction projects. Planning will assist in the formation of the project’s budget and schedule. Accurate planning ensures that resources, including equipment, materials and labor are used efficiently and effectively. Planning not only defines the scope of the project, but it also […]

The Role of a Construction Manager

September 28, 2016 By MBM Contracting

Construction Manager The role of a construction manager in any size construction project is an important one. The construction manager is viewed by many as the go-to person for updates on the project’s progress. The construction manager leads the project and collaborates with the other members of the project team, as well as outside vendors […]