Client Testimonials

Weirton Medical Centers

“When it comes to MBM, it wasn’t just a project. WMC and MBM formed a true partnership. MBM was always accessible; they listened to our needs and ran with our hopes to produce an outcome even we couldn’t have imagined.”

Donna Kittridge, Division Director, Support Services

St. Clair Hospital

“I really enjoy their skill levels, their attention to detail, their quick response, their fun-loving attitude towards work, and they always have the customer’s best interest at heart. They are extremely reliable, customer-oriented and are not afraid to think outside the box.”

Steve Novicki, Director of Plant Operations

Duquesne University

“MBM has been a true partner to me throughout the years, building innovative higher education facilities for our students and providing highly technical, but effectively human grounded, medical imaging projects.”

Katrina Barnett, AIA, Project Manager

The Yard Restaurant

“MBM treated us as family. We met so many great people at MBM. Everyone that worked on our project treated The Yard as if it was their own business. You cannot ask for anything more than that.”

Nirav Patel, Co-Owner

Allegheny Health Network

“MBM is dedicated to achieving AHN’s goals, even when unexpected challenges arise. They act like an owner’s advocate when negotiating solutions to problems that would otherwise derail a project. It’s nice to know that your contractor is on your team and looking out for your interests.”

Skylar Van Soest, Sr. Program Manager

Washington Health System

“I appreciate the time MBM takes to ensure our goals are being met. They approach each project as if they were building it for their own use. They treat every detail as important and they are truly an extension of our team.”

Terry Wiltrout, President,(Greene) & Vice President of Operations

The Children’s Institute

“From ownership, to project managers, to construction staff, to all those who provide support behind the scenes, I know that I will encounter people who are committed to delivering on behalf of our organization and ultimately the kids and families we serve. It has been and continues to be one of my favorite partnerships.”

Tim Bittner, Vice President of Operations

IKM, Inc.

“There is a culture at MBM that is both friendly and professional at the same time. No matter who comprises the MBM team, I can be assured a quality product and positive working experience. I have yet to work with their ‘B-Team.’ I’m starting to think they don’t have one…”

Roger Hartung, AIA, NCARB, Partner, Principal in Charge, CIO

Dollar Bank

“MBM’s team is always ready to help find creative and cost-effective solutions for the bank’s projects. The hands-on approach from the field employees, the office staff, and the management team provide peace of mind.”

Sandra Wise, Vice President of Construction


“MBM produced very high-quality work that was within budget on a project that was on a very tight time frame. Issues were communicated promptly and were effectively addressed. They are great people who do great work, who stand behind their work, and are easy to work with.”

Denis Meinert, Head of Finance

MV+A Architects

“Everyone we deal with at MBM brings a level of professionalism to the project. I’d like to say that was the norm, but in today’s competitive environment it’s often lacking. This is professionalism and dedication at every level, from the front office to the field supervisors to the laborers. I use MBM as a role model for how I want MV+A to be perceived.”

James Voelzke, FAIA, LEED AP


“MBM was truly a collaborator on the project versus just being a General Contractor. They were able to appreciate the vision for BLEND Pittsburgh and all of the architectural design elements that were used and that dated back to 1900. We were under tight time constraints and MBM delivered. We really feel that MBM Contracting is part of the BLEND family and are personal friends.”

Mark R. Holden, Co-Owner